What do our clients say?

Hugh Turner

Finance & IT Manager at Orthene Chemicals

“As a veteran of over 30 years of using and implementing MRP and ERP systems, I have been very impressed with Tesylate. They have an extremely structured approach, including a full and detailed analysis of our company’s systems and needs. They have been able to bring substantial resources to the project including good quality sub-contracted resource which has led to rapid progress. This approach has brought our team together, and we expect a very good outcome. Reporting has been good with weekly status update reports keeping us up to date and on track with the project”.

  • Original Systems: Access, OpenERP, paper based & spreadsheets
  • Replaced with: WinMan
  • Date: 2018


John Abernethie

CEO of Birkdale

“We are very pleased with what Tesylate have done for us. They are very easy to work with and have always kept their focus on our needs. The process is very commendable, they not only recommend appropriate systems, but provide a full analysis document for the entire project, as well as running demonstrations of the systems that best suit our needs.  They have worked well in keeping the project to budget and are always available and keen to help”

  • Original System: OGL
  • Replaced with: MS Business Central


Brian Moffitt

Managing Director of Fast Mover Tools Ltd

“Tesylate handled our ERP implementation from concept to completion, detailing the requirements, selecting the ERP provider after considering a broad range of options and implementing the solution.   They also trained the staff and provided a detailed user manual for staff to use. I’d definitely recommend using them for your ERP project”

  • Original Systems: Sage 50 & paper based
  • Replaced with: Dynamics NAV
  • Date: 2016


Mike Boyt


“Fully recommend Tesylate to anyone who is thinking of implementing or changing over to a new ERP system. They do a great job of analysing the most important needs of the company for the system and in finding ways to solve problems within the system. They are a great team who basically take care of anything you need for the system, they have done a lot of data entry and  programming, which has saved us a lot of time!”

  • Original System: (New Start-Up)
  • Installation: Magento / Zoho CRM
  • Date: 2019


Duncan Stay

CEO of Integra

“Tesylate followed a rigorous process of analysing the metrics that the business needed to track in order to achieve success and then connected PowerBI to multiple data sources so we could see our key measures at a glance, I’d definitely recommend them to ensure you have the information you need in front of you”

  • Original Systems: OGL, Access, spreadsheets
  • Replaced with: Priority ERP
  • Date: 2017


Gary Railton

Marketing & IT at Freeway Fixings

“Tesylate has been a great help to us, with their extensive knowledge of the system we use, this upgrade has brought significant benefits to our business meaning we now have functioning dashboards that we can refer to on a regular basis along with other changes which opens the doors to new possibilities. An excellent contact to have for future reference, we’ll be looking to use them again in the future”

  • Original System: Priority V16
  • Upgraded to: Priority V18.2
  • Date: 2018