Are you Remote-Ready?

Remote-Ready Consulting Session
For us the most important thing is how your staff are going to access your systems from afar, as well as understanding ways to make remote working a breeze for your company.


1. Assess

Remote-Ready Consulting Session – Two- hour FREE analysis to assess potential roadblocks to working remotely. 


2. Plan

We provide a 2-5 page action plan to mitigate roadblocks identified


3. Implement

The plan includes a proposal to implement the suggested changes as fast as possible.

Are you unsure where to start with remote working?

– Do you have a legacy ERP system?

– Is your ERP system hosted on an on-premise server?

– Have any of your employees worked from home before?

– What do they need to do this effectively?


– What tools do you currently use for collaboration?

– Are your files accessible remotely?

– How do we best prepare for an office shutdown?

Cover all of these questions in our analysis session.


Is now a good or bad time to implement ERP?

Is now a good or bad time to implement ERP?

Crisis mode? Should you cancel your IT Project?  In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis many companies are scrapping capital investment projects and maybe the expensive IT overhaul is the first on your list to go. Here's some of our thoughts on the subject:   Cash Impact ...

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New ERP Branding

New ERP Branding

Introducing... Tesylate Previously you may have thought of Aptamix when you thought of ERP and working with our team. We are rebranding our ERP services to Tesylate to bring clarity to our offering and to improve our image. See below to better understand what this...

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Apps for Remote Teams

Apps for Remote Teams

If your organisation is more traditional, then maybe you could benefit from adding some applications to help you work remotely. Video Conferencing:   Teams  Zoom  Zoho Meeting  Lifesize  Messaging:  Slack Teams Zoho Cliq  Screen Sharing and remote control:  Teams and...

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“You’ve written the blueprint for a requirements documentation”


Hannah Suttonwood – Sales Manager at Ascarii, SAP Business 1 partner