New ERP Branding

by | Jun 10, 2020

Introducing… Tesylate

Previously you may have thought of Aptamix when you thought of ERP and working with our team. We are rebranding our ERP services to Tesylate to bring clarity to our offering and to improve our image. See below to better understand what this means.

What does this mean? 
•    New website
•    More information about our processes 

•    New email addresses 
•    New look and feel 
•    Customer Portal; a central place for all project information – Coming Soon! 

What will remain the same? 
•    Our payment details 
•    Our Team 
•    Our Process  
Tesylate is a trading name of Aptamix Ltd, not a new company. Aptamix will remain to be the Legal Entity and Parent Brand.

Please stay tuned as we roll out this branding across our channels. 


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