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Tesylate will handle your ERP project from start to finish in a proven, simple,  jargon free way – we’ll save time, minimise the disruption to your business, bring project and business experience to de-risk your project and maximise your return on investment using our unique 8 step process. 

ERP Software Selection

Getting the right system is critical for success. As independent ERP consultants, we will only put forward systems that will do the job.


Minimal Disruption

Careful planning by the experts and a high level of system preparation prior to go-live, makes all the difference.

Business Knowledge

Our consultants have all worked client side, we understand ERP from your point of view, also bringing experience from other similar businesses.

Project Scope

Did you know that scope creep is the biggest cause for derailing ERP implementations? We help you nail down your scope and we take responsibility for keeping it nailed down.

Sound Decsions

No more making decisions whilst not understanding or having the data to support that decision. Bad decisions during an ERP implementation can be devastating.



We provide tools to manage tasks and report regulary on costs and timescales to ensure all parties on your project stay on track.


of implementations go over budget


of implementations take longer than forecasted


of implementations required additional developer customisation

Many organisations face challenges during ERP implementation

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What an ERP system can do for your business

Most business only realise these benefits if; the ERP you choose fits your business model, the system is implemented correctly and efficiently, staff are trained to a high standard and the system can be easily supported, maintained and scaled effectively.

Increase efficiency
  • Create reports simply and quickly
  • Manage financial data easily
  • Maintain careful stock management with ease
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
Save money

Money saved in operations goes straight on the bottom line.  ERP systems can:

  • Track stock useage
  • Reduce stock wastage
  • Decrease turnaround time on stock
  • Maintain tighter control on finances.
Save time

Get more done without having to employ more staff. An ERP system can help you get extra work done with your existing workforce, by using smart automation, making administration easier and reducing the skill level required to manage the system.

Provide a better service

ERP’s can integrate with courier systems, stock tracking and management and more. This allows you to give your clients real time status on stock levels, order status and pricing, by making live, relevant information available online or to your customer support staff at any time.

Track targets easily

With simplified reporting that still allows for an advanced level of customisation, today’s ERP systems make it easier than ever to track and report on the figures that matter most to you, allowing for regular updates straight to your inbox.  Targets can be tracked in realtime, which greatly helps forecasting.

Reliable, simple reporting

Measure what matters to you!  An ERP system will help you track your key metrics.

Organisations also face difficulties after implementation:


Don’t get more than 80% of the expected benefits


Of implementations take 4 years to recoup the cost


Of organisations have ongoing technical issues